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Since 1873 we have conducted an annual Hospital-Sunday appeal to raise funds for the ‘sick and poor’ of London. All the money we raise goes to our Samaritan Fund which provides emergency relief for people in need; the destitute, homeless and those coping with mental and physical ill-health. Each year we pass on all the funds we raised through a network of 100+ hospital, health and social care partners. This provides an incredible 5,000 emergency one-off payments to people in need.

The fund helps in many ways, providing:

  • A bag of groceries to assist the safe return home for a frail elderly patient
  • Night clothes and bedding for a mother with terminal cancer and depression cared for by her young daughter
  • Toiletries for a man detained on a mental health ward penniless and unknown to social or health services

A patient in crisis was unable to leave home or open letters as their anxiety was so acute. They had 14 unopened letters… final demands and a form suspending benefits. Without the grant, they would have been without food or electricity.

Community Mental Health Team (Lambeth)

for those living with a life-threatening illness …it has been invaluable…

St John’s Hospice, Westminster

…when a homeless man who had just been discharged from hospital collapsed in our waiting room having not eaten for two days – it was wonderful to be able to give him a bit of money for hot food… he was crying with relief .. what a huge difference the money is making to individuals in the direst need

Citizens Advice Bureau

Make a donation

Support the ‘Hospital Sunday’ Appeal

With your support our Samaritan grants can continue to provide vital help – food, clothing, travel cards, bedding – when it’s really needed, making an immediate impact on the lives of vulnerable people who are coping with ill-health and living in poverty.

Help us to help more people and assist the work of London’s frontline health and social services.

You can give a gift online by clicking on ‘donate’ at the top of the page.

We are experienced in working with donors who would like to direct funding to assist a particular concern or area of interest. We offer free advice, grant management and monitoring to help individuals target their donations. For more details contact our Director Rosario.

Become a regular supporter

Help us to help more people through a regular standing order. As a UK taxpayer you can use Gift Aid to increase your donation. Every penny we receive goes directly to people in desperate need.

A regular donation by standing order is easy to arrange by clicking on the ‘donate’ button at the top of the page.

We can send appeal leaflets should you wish to organise a collection through your place of worship, business or community group. For further details contact the grants administrator on 020 3828 4204.

Gift Aid

Appeal Leaflet

Why give to charity, what good does it do and what do others do? Find out more in our Brief Guide to Benevolence

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