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Through our grant making we seek to make a difference by acting as a ‘catalyst’ for change. We recognise the social determinants of ill-health, and that for change to be sustainable, beneficiaries must be active and informed participants. Priority is given to new projects or a development of a service that will tackle the effects of poverty (and/or) improve the health and well-being of people with a limiting health condition or Disability.

Improve health and wellbeing

Help to remove people from poverty

raise awareness of the work of the organisations we support

Our area of benefit, the geographical range of our grant-making, is restricted to Greater London (within the M25 orbital motorway).

Our annual grants budget is c£300,000 divided between three grant programmes:

1. PROJECT GRANTS Priority is given to new initiatives and service developments targeted at people disadvantaged as a result of long-term ill-health, disability and poverty. Normally to organisations with an income <£500k. Grants range from £1,000 to £5,000.

(£3,000; Camden/ London-wide)

The Volunteering Programme was set up to provide free, accessible, and secure storage for people experiencing homelessness. It offers short- and long-term storage that enables clients to overcome the mental and physical strain of carrying belongings, and provides the opportunity for people to engage with support services.

(£4,000: Greenwich/SE London)

The Kaleidoscope Café provides an activity-based group for those who are under 65 and living with young–onset dementia alongside supporting family, friends or staff carers.


(£3,000: Lambeth & Southwark)

A  community network of young professionals and older neighbours, hanging out and helping one another in our rapidly changing city. Volunteers offer time, practical help and companionship.  The Winter Wellbeing team knocked on doors to speak about staying warm, healthy, and active and connected with 1,175 older neighbours; 360 people received follow up help as a result.

2. SAMARITAN GRANTS:   a hardship fund which we make available to frontline health, social work and advice agencies to offer immediate assistance to people in an emergency. The partner agency distributes small one-off grants on our behalf.


‘Following the death of her mother it was clear that her daughter had longstanding mental health problems but was deemed fit for work and her benefits stopped.  Welfare cuts and benefit issues following bereavement are causing major problems’


C has been sleeping rough for several years.  He is mistrustful of most homelessness organisations and has chosen not to claim benefits in order to maintain his sobriety. He has been diagnosed with prostate cancer and has decided not to undergo treatment despite our many discussions. We have been able to provide shoes and other clothing and fares to enable him to seek reconciliation with family members.

3. PARTNERS FOR HEALTH: Our collaborative grants programme encourages partnership working between health agencies, public and charitable, and community groups. This is co-funded with the Hospital Saturday Fund and other grant makers.

Are you working with others to tackle health inequality? See the Partners for Health flyer for more information. 


Application forms and guidance

To apply for a grant use our online application form; you can save and return to the application at any time.   



Asked Questions

If you need any support with your application, please contact the Grants Administrator –

When applying for Partners for Health use the Project Form and include ‘Partners for Health’ in the title/caption field.

The deadlines for applications to be seen at our next meeting are:

  • 25th April
  • 31st May (P4H ONLY)
  • 31st July
  • 4th Oct

More advice for applicants

If you are seeking a one-off grant for an individual (This is a separate charity)

More advice and information on funding and support for charities is available here:

The websites of the larger grant makers are also excellent sources of  good practice and guidance, including:

London Catalyst supports the London Living Wage, a London weighted minimum wage, which takes into account the higher living costs of London. The figure currently stands at £13.15 per hour; significantly above the National Minimum Wage. We would expect to see this rate of pay reflected in your budget. For more information visit:

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